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Xamarin is a Microsoft owned software company founded in May 2011. Developers have access to Xamarin tools through the C# shared codebase that they can use to create native Android, iOS, and windows apps that can share code across platforms, including macOS and Windows. Among other tools, Xamarin allows its users access to its Test Cloud; a cloud server where it is possible to test mobile apps written in any language on real devices that are in the cloud. The Test Cloud uses object-based UI testing to simulate real user interactions. If you need an app developed and tested thoroughly for any operating system, then hiring a Xamarin developer is a must.

If you want to make an app that works on Android, iOS or any platform you desire, then look no further than Xamarin. A Xamarin developer can create stunning apps for you on any platform that your audience will absolutely love. How do you know? Because Xamarin allows you to test your app in real-time via cloud servers before it even launches! You can design, test, design, and test until you're completely satisfied with the end-product before it ever hits the app marketplace. makes it extremely easy to find a freelance developer for hire at the location and price you want.

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