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Build It! Bottom-Of-Funnel Marketing

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur or creative professional that is needing consultation or development of your Bottom-Of-Funnel (BOFU) marketing? My name is Martin, and I'll help develop your BOFU!

If you don't have a leads list (email list) yet then you'll need to go back up the funnel and work on your TOFU and MOFU.

If you do have an active and engaged (this is key) list of leads then we will work on your BOFU together to convert leads to customers. At this point your audience is problem aware, they are solution aware, and they are product/service aware of what you have to offer. Our focus will be to have to stand out from your competitors as the best choice, to take action to becoming a customer, and ideally staying a customer (reducing refund rates).

Key areas we can work on together here include:

- Demos/Free Trials
- Customer Success Stories
- Social Proof
- Product Reviews
- Comparison/Spec Sheets
- Webinars
- Events
- Mini-Classes
- Risk Reversal
- Sales Letters (short form or long form)
- Video Sales Letters
- Sales Pages
- Sales Copy
- Engagement Email Campaign(s) (including campaign stacking)
- Customer On-boarding / Post-Purchase Sequence(s)

A successful BOFU execution will do any of the following:

- Increase your leads to customers conversion rate
- Reduce your customer acquisition cost
- Increase your customer LTV (life time value)
- Reduce your refund rate
- Increase social proof
- Increase customer success stories
- Contribute to your TOFU (by increasing awareness)

I look forward to working with you to turn your leads into customers with a well oiled funnel.

To our success,


$45 / Hour
$1,000 minimum budget