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Build It! Top-Of-Funnel Marketing

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur or creative professional that is needing consultation or development of your Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) marketing? My name is Martin, and I want to help develop your TOFU!

At the top of your funnel we'll work on cold traffic. These prospects are completely unaware of your solution, and often, also unaware of their problem. Because this traffic is so cold, we'll focus on providing content that has a very low barrier to entry (as at this point they are not prepared to invest anything, whether it be money or even their email address, which is also currency, let's not forget that).

The focus of our work together on your TOFU will have a mission to entertain, educate, and most importantly inspire. The content is often delivered by free access methods such as:

- Blog Posts
- Infographics
- YouTube Videos
- Online Publications/Editorials
- Print Publications/Editorials
- Case Studies
- Social Media Posts
- Podcasts
- Microsites

We'll ensure we educate your audience to fully understand the problem, the solution, and most importantly your product/service solution.

Once your audience is solution aware, we can move them to the MOFU part of your funnel, so that we can convert prospects into leads (this is where things begin to heat up).

To our success,


$45 / Hour
$1,000 minimum budget

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