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Building Gentoo Linux

Installation of Gentoo Linux is a difficult process wich has requerements to administrator: deep knowlege of computer architecture, processor types, kernel & drivers, buses & schedulers, priority systems and cheats (like speedup on raid10).

I'll build unique system right for your needs, all your processors will be used by 100%, your HDD will never work without your client needs, your network gives you manufacturers speed.

Flexibility and per hardware optimisations are the most powerfull sides of Gentoo Linux and I'll show how fast your hardware can be.

Gentoo can support all GNU software and can provide sandboxes for building or using different and exotic types of software. All your needs can work without galactic license costs.

Also Gentoo supports configuration branches wich allows to using same type of software, different versions of one software or conflicting software at the same time on the same system. No more software conflicts or "not supported".

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Administrative AssistantBootstrapCC++Gentoo LinuxGNUHardware SupportKernelLinuxNetworkingRaidSystem AdministrationSystems EngineeringWebsite Speed Optimization

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