Roman Rudnik

Kiyev, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine

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Increasing the sale of your website

( Web Design )

How would you like to own a professionally designed Shopify store that converts your traffic?
A new ecommerce store that brings you online sales day in day out?
Look, I know what you’re probably going through:
You have a product to sell.
And you’re looking to sell your products online with ecommerce.

But maybe your ecommerce pages are not selling as much as you would like them to.

And trust me, it’s not your fault. Because you’re not alone:

At least 80% of e-commerce business fail within their first 18 months, according to a study made by PracticalCommerce in 2014.
And a staggering 75% of businesses struggle to find experts to create high-converting webpages, according to MarketingSherpa’s 2011 report.
And here’s why: most so called "ecommerce experts" have absolutely NO CLUE what they’re doing!
Here’s proof:

- According to a survey by the well-known research company Baymard Institute, 46% out of the top 50 US e-commerce websites suffer from displaying too little or poorly chosen content.

Yet according to one study, 73% of visitors will abandon a website within 2 minutes if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

- Baymard Institute also reveals that the average cart abandonment of e-commerce stores globally is 69.23%.

And it shows how this problem can be solved just by implementing the right design changes!

- Lastly, 61% of companies carry less than five tests a month on their landing pages, even though using the right testing can increase conversion rates and sales by up to 300%.

Why am I telling you this?
Well, to show you that you have a massive OPPORTUNITY.
If you become one of the few businesses who have high-converting ecommerce stores, you could easily double… triple… or even quadruple your income.

This is not a promise pulled out of nowhere.

Because let me ask you this:
How would your business transform if you consistently generated more sales?
Would that translate into more revenue? More profits?
What if you didn’t spend ONE extra dime on advertising, yet doubled or tripled your conversion rates?

Sounds like some extra profits to me :)

I’ve been in the trenches of ecommerce web design and conversion rate optimization for over 5 years now.

And after working with successful brands like TruBrain in California, startups like Shavejack in Switzerland, and many others....
I’ve gained the expertise to create ecommerce pages that can dramatically boost your conversions and sales.

Too good to be true?

Let me I'll show you!

$25 / Hour
$499 minimum budget

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