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Math/Machine learning/Data Processing.

Math is the basic of all technique and science.
I'm a computer vision expert and i have deep knowledge in Math.
I have deep knowledge in statistics and probability, optimization, prediction and forecasting, Regression, PDE and ODE, Estimation and signal processing.
My all skills are guaranteed by deep math.
Machine learning algorithms is the most important in computer vision. The almost computer vision projects need machine learning algorithms.
I have deep knowledge in machine learning algorithms such as SVM, ANN, RF, K-NN, K-means as well as deep learning algorithms such as CNN, DNN and RNN.
I'm sure for any Machine learning and AI projects.
And since i have deep knowledge in Data analytics and statistics, I have good skills and experiments in data processing projects.
My slogan is "The BEST, The Shortest, Perfect".
If you give me your project, I will do my best to finish your project in time with high quality.
Thank you for reading my words.


Skills & Expertise

Data ManagementData ProcessingLearningMachine LearningMathematicsMATLABOrder ProcessingPythonStatistics

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