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Eight years of experience in NLP and computational/corpus linguistics research, with a particular focus on information retrieval, text classification/categorisation and clustering techniques. Hands-on experience with the leading NLP, machine learning and statistical text alignment toolkits, as well as industry standard XML formats for written and spoken corpora storage.

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Apache SolrClusteringData AnalysisData ClassificationInformation RetrievalJavaLucene SearchMachine LearningNatural LanguageNatural Language ProcessingNlpOntology EngineeringPythonSolrWeka

1 Reviews for This Service

  • Jerry 14 says,

    I cannot speak more highly about the quality of Lukasz's work and his professionalism. He met every deadline, managed my expectations and surprisingly over delivered on the quality and functionality of the programming task he was set. If you are looking for someone who knows his subject then look no further than Lukasz.

    for NLP Search Task (Recall, Precision & F1) on Sep 23, 2014