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  • Java
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Nlp
  • Groovy
  • Python
  • Web Crawling
  • Apache Solr
  • Lucene Search
  • Maven
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • XML
  • Java 2EE
  • Machine Learning
  • Mercurial

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  • Natural Language Processing

    $30/hr Starting at $200

    Eight years of experience in NLP and computational/corpus linguistics research, with a particular focus on information retrieval, text classification/categorisation and clustering techniques. Hands-on...

    Apache SolrClusteringData AnalysisData ClassificationInformation Retrieval
  • Java/Groovy development

    $30/hr Starting at $200

    Development of server-side back-end code for J2EE webapps, REST APIs, standalone programs. Strong experience in the MVC pattern, XML processing, JDBC connectivity, parallel data processing, Web crawling/scraping...

    GitGroovyJavaJava 2EEJDBC
  • Solr setup, tuning and development

    $30/hr Starting at $200

    Installation, configuration and optimisation of Solr and SolrCloud. Java interop. Solr query development. Indexing setup.

    Apache SolrGroovyJavaLinuxMaven
  • Python development

    $30/hr Starting at $200

    General Python development with a particular focus on text/XML processing, web scraping/crawling and DB input/output.

    MySQLPostgreSQLPythonWeb CrawlingWeb Scraping
  • Web crawling/Web scraping

    $30/hr Starting at $200

    Java/Groovy and Python Web crawling and scraping both using the state-of-the-art frameworks (Nutch, Scrapy, Crawler4J, PhantomJS/CasperJS) and hand-built crawlers for a particular site.

    GroovyJavaPhantomJSPythonScrapy Framework


NLP Scientist, Java/Python Developer

NLP specialist with a degree in linguistics and 10 years of experience in academic environments; particular interest in text mining, information retrieval, data science. Software developer with work experience in backend development, web scraping, text processing, SQL programming. Startup owner.

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