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New feature Enhancements

Application development is an innovative process and evolve with time. Most of the Clients like to go for MVP (Most viable product) to test the water and then enhance the system after gauging the market response. As your software products mature in the market, the need for further continuous innovation becomes imminent.

The product after being sold to the customer needs to be supported, maintained and enhanced further so that it can fulfill changing business needs of your customers and enhance your market share.

With changing markets and changing business models, the product needs to stay nimble to maintain and improve its competitive edge. Ensuring that your IT solutions remain flexible is a key component of the product management strategy.

Since existing application’s feature enhancement is also a main business activity, ISVs find themselves in a situation wherein they have to channel a major chunk of their time in continuously planning, architecting and building application enhancements for their products.

Kennedia fits seamlessly in such a scenario by complementing the innovation process by rapid implementation and product feature enhancement services.

For ISVs the direct benefits of partnering with kennedia in this phase are:

ISVs become market driven rather than production driven.
Quick response time and time-to-market efficiencies.
De-risking the production process by ramping up (or down) capacities without overheads.
ISVs are ahead of their clients due to delivery efficiencies. This means greater customer loyalty.
Kennedia uses JIRA a feature and issue tracking web application, to track, prioritize and guide its work. In addition to the DSpace platform work, JIRA also allows the community to watch specific issues, receive updates when there are changes, and vote on an issue’s importance. Although there are no guarantees when a specific bug or new feature request will be add

$16 / Hour
$500 minimum budget