Eudgene Brenev

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom

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Political consulting&Business consulting

Hello, my name is Eudgene Brenev!
I am the founder of troubleshooting agency «Ty7even».
The main spheres:
1. Politics and diplomacy;
2. Business and Finance;
3. Regional development;
4. Media Designer.

Are you in politics for a long period of time or do you just plan to start your political performance? Do you need assistance in diplomacy? I will help you! According to your specific situation and particular tasks I will gather a team of professionals and attain an objective that has been set. It doesn't matter for us where your country and region are, we will support you at any country.
- Assistance in conducting elections.
- Assistance in law lobbying.
- Election control.
- Establishment and writing of laws.
- Assistance in diplomacy between countries and regions.
Write to us now and we will prepare a solution scheme for your task.

I solve problems in any business line. I sort out tasks of any type: company rebranding or highly specialized problem connected, for instance, with the production of detail for a power-operated machine. After the comprehensive analysis of your problem, I can either conduct external remote consultancy, or do everything to solve this problem by ourselves.
I conduct audit performance;
- Increase level of product or service attractiveness;
- Engage in company rebranding;
- Diversification of industry production;
- We also overcome the internal company crisis;
- Improve financial results in times of crisis;
- Search for clients;
- Search for suppliers and producers.
I approach to the problem in an integrated manner. You should just determine your problem: "Profit fell"; "A special detail is needed" and so on. And I will prepare you a solution scheme for your problem for free.

I offer a very unusual service type: individual development of regions with the use of «social engineering» and the creation of the one unique concept of the region.
Write to me and I will provide you with an «individual development scheme for your region» for free!
Brief list of our services:
- I solve problems with the distressed assets of your region.
- I can diversify in your region.
- I sort out problems connected with production or agricultural sector of economy.
- I establish a brand of the region or rebrand it. A creation of the region brand is a significant aspect of development.
- I increase the level of touristic attractiveness of the region due to an internal or external tourist flow.
- I undertake measures in order to improve demographic determinants.
- I improve financial results of the region.
- I undertake anti-recessionary measures and help the region become a leader of the country in financial and social results.
- I also sort out problems in specialized spheres: poor roads; utility problems; problems with healthcare; availability of a region.
- I increase the attractiveness leve

$25 / Hour
$35 minimum budget