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    $25/hr Starting at $35 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hello, my name is Eudgene Brenev! 1. POLITICS AND DIPLOMACY. 2. BUSINESS AND FINANCE. 3. REGION DEVELOPMENT. I offer a very unusual service type: individual development of regions with the use of «social...

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I'm worked in the political & business sphere in many countries: Scotland, USA, Spain, Israel, Russia, Canada, etc

I can exercise political consulting, as well as upon request I can solve the client problem or a task yourself, regardless of its geolocation and language.
I use not only general information, as well as i use insider political information with the future in.
Political technologies - a very difficult science, so I use a variety of techniques, including:
- Social Engineering;
- NLP;
- Sociology;
- Physiognomy;
- Psychology, etc.
I participated directly in election campaigns and in their preparation.
I know and I am able match the business (experience in international business: 14 years) and the political sphere, it helps reduce risks in investing and opening of business projects, not depending on the volume of financing and geolocation.
In addition to this I am doing regional development.

I will be glad to cooperate with you.

More information about me:
Brief list of my services:
-Political consulting
-Assistance in conducting elections.
-Assistance in law lobbying.
-Election control.
-Establishment and writing of laws.
-Assistance in diplomacy between countries and regions, etc.

I solve problems in any business line. I sort out tasks of any type: company rebranding or highly specialized problem connected, for instance, with the production of detail for a power-operated machine.
Brief list of my services:
-I conduct audit performance;
-Increase level of product or service attractiveness;
-Engage in company rebranding;
-Diversification of industry production;
-We also overcome the internal company crisis;
-Improve financial results in times of crisis;
-Search for clients;
-Search for suppliers and producers.

I offer a very unusual service type: individual development of regions with the use of «social engineering» and the creation of the one unique concept of the region.

I hope for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Kindest regards,
Eudgene Brenev.