Tommi Heikkila

Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland

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Sales & Marketing WiZ

Hello !

I live for selling and marketing.

In 1999 I cofounded a startup and worked as the company sales & marketing manager. I was young had no experience but we kicked ass anyway and managed to land several partnerships with then leading mobile phone companies.
We got an offer for a buy out from a telecom company and started to order Ferraris and Lamborghinis living the startup dream? well the tech bubble burst and the offer to buy us went out the window along with our funding (we had almost no cash flow as the custom was back in the days and no ready product as we had branched out to do a little of everything ) as a result we had to close shop.

I was left without a job and a little baby boy and wife at home so I was pressed to do something. I found myself as a B to B sales rep for a mutual insurance company and soon was doing really well, I was making six figures in euros ( back then in Finland and with our compensation plan that was really exceptional ). I continued on to lead my own sales team and hire and coach new sales reps.Many of them went on to do even better than I had done as a rep.

Through the contacts I made in the tech / startup business I regularly have been asked to help small to medium sized and startups with their business plans and sales & marketing strategy and the implementation of these strategies. I have done this as a side gig / hobby because it`s so fun and exciting to be part of new projects. I definitely worked too much for many years, so I decided to change that and quit my day job. Now I have more time to give to my family, today consisting of 4 fine boys and my lovely wife.

Still have to do something so I decided to be a freelancer and make my experience useful for others, I have made the mistakes so you don`t have to, I have figured out what works saving you time and effort.

At the present Im working as an outsourced sales& marketing manager / coach for a couple of Finnish SAS startups. Sparring the CEO or sales manager and helping them plan, start and tweak their marketing and sales efforts.

How can I help you?

- business plan to help you get financing
- sales strategy
- marketing strategy
- market research
- digital marketing and setting up a sales funnel
- coaching
- I can set up and manage your PPC campaigns
- work as sales or marketing manager for your company or project starting from 5 h / month or as needed

Just ask!

$199 / Hour
$200 minimum budget