Dmitriy Azarenko

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Web & Mobile Application Development

Company website:

Enkode is a innovative software development agency with the goal of providing entrepreneurs and businesses with the opportunity to realize their ideas into realities. Our company mission is to provide the highest quality services at an affordable cost for all. We place project and product management as the highest priority which allows us to execute in a timely, efficient, and innovative manner.

Our Process:

Our process consists of a robust agile methodology that focuses on innovating and coming up with a strategy specific to each project. The method we use can be vastly different for each project. For example, certain clients prefer to see visual deliverables immediately and iterate on those deliverables. Others prefer to see comprehensive research, analysis, and strategic planning before implementation. We strategize in accordance to the client's needs and will come up with recommendations for implementing the proper procedures for successful delivery. No matter of the project process we use, we consistently work in an agile manner, meaning we do not wait for an entire phase such as UX to complete, before starting the next phase. We keep the phases running in parallel which allows us to implement software much quicker and adjust to the feedback much quicker as well. We typically run the phases 1-2 weeks behind each other. UX Design two weeks ahead of UI + Backend, UI Design + Backend two weeks ahead of Frontend Development. Example project process listed below:

1) Initial requirements gathering of the project
2) Thorough business analysis & research of the project + Q&A with the client
3) Specification sign off
4) UX strategy + deliverable planning
5) UX research: market analysis, feature analysis, competitor analysis, business analysis
6) Feature list deliverable
7) UX Design
8) UI Design
9) Backend Development
10) Frontend Development
11) QA
12) Retrospective + Feedback
13) Iterate

Team structure:

- 2 software architects with over 10+ years of experience in software development and startups
- 2 Wordpress developers
- 5 Backend Developers
- 4 Frontend Developers
- 2 Project/Product Managers

$35 / Hour
$0 minimum budget