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Do you need original content for your blog or magazine? need a post? or article? Do you want to work with a flexible and creative person that can create the mentioned original content in English and/or Spanish for your blog, site or magazine?

I believe that you have come to the right place, I am a creative and flexible person that has the talent of writing original content in both English and/or Spanish. I have 15 years experience copy-writing content for my design clients, even though this is not my main line of work, it has become over time a good source of income. I think I'm good enough, my clients think I'm great for their needs, and I could just be the perfect match for your needs.

To tell you a little about myself, I am a husband, father, designer, artist, business man, writer, Sci Fi & Fantasy fan, science enthusiast, ever learning, traveler, foodie, podcast listener, 39 year old man that loves life, has been down a lot of times, but I get back up, dust myself off and keep moving forward.

I am happy to oblige with any NDA or document that needs to be signed to secure your privacy and the inside secrets of your company, I have done so in the past and will not break that trust for anything, even if that means not being able to use the work I will make for you for my own promotion.

I have some "Areas of expertise", where I feel very comfortable writting, and in no particular order I mention them to you: Health, Yoga, Exercise, Reumathoid Arthritis, Creative Writing, Teaching, Business, Entrepreneurship, Crocheting, Amigurumis, Design, Illustration, Movies, Animation, Travel, Food, Photography, Animation, Social Media Marketing, Comic Books, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.

I read, constantly, and I love to learn as much as I can on any subject that sparks my curiosity or have the need to master because of my line of work. I have my areas of expertise, but I am willing and able to learn about any subject ne

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2 Reviews for This Service

  • Karen_Lundquist says,

    The logo took a lot longer than expected (for both of us) as there were some delays along the day (some with assignable fault, others beyond anyone's control), but in the end I was very happy with the final result. It often happens this way, but the logo I chose was totally different than what I had originally envisioned and asked for, and Erick was patient in adapting my revisions and even going with something totally new after many modifications from my original idea, and also in coming up with new suggestions. I have to add that I am much happier with the logo unlike my original idea. I was satisfied with the options and choices that he gave me, as well as the creativity behind them.

    for Logo on Oct 18, 2007

  • Justin_Gill1 says,

    Although Erick did not come up with exactly what we wanted, he did not lack in skill or effort, his style was simply not the right fit for the logo that we were trying to create.

    for 7 Logo Designs & 26 T-Shirt Designs on Aug 24, 2007