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  • .NET
  • CSS
  • Git
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • Ajax
  • AngularJS
  • Apache Ant
  • Apache CouchDB
  • Apache Tomcat

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  • eLearning development

    $25/hr Starting at $1,000

    We have 10-years experience of eLearning development. Our expertise includes: - Learning Management Systems development, customization and integration; - Testing and assessment platforms deve

    eLearning DevelopmentLmsMoodleSCORM
  • .NET development

    $30/hr Starting at $2,000

    In our .NET team, we have highly qualified professionals with minimum 6-year C# development experience. Our team lead has a 15-year experience. Expertise mainly includes: - Desktop applications; -...

  • Java development

    $30/hr Starting at $2,000

    Our Java team has a 10-year development experience. We develop web and desktop systems and applications of enterprise and individual levels. Our expertise includes: - Management systems (f.e. School...

    Apache AntApache TomcatAWSHibernateHtmlUnit
  • PHP, Yii framework development

    $25/hr Starting at $1,000

    We provide PHP and Laravel, Yii frameworks based development for already 8 years. Our expertise include: - Online banking systems development - Websites development - Mobile apps' back end d

  • AngularJS, Front end development

    $25/hr Starting at $1,000

    Our Front end team of 4 AngularJS developers has 3 year experience and fulfilled 11 projects. We create single page applications, sites etc. The big part of our AngularJS projects has the .NET and NodeJS...



Angular, React, VueJS, PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Hibernate, SCORM, Moodle

Academy Smart has 10-years experience in development.
Our team has implemented 67 projects.

Academy Smart team skilled in:

backend: PHP, Laravel, Yii, Java, Spring, Hibernate, C#, .Net, Node.JS
frontend: Angular, React, Vue.JS, JavaScript, TypeScript
e-learning tech: Moodle, SCORM
databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis, Vertica, PouchDB
common skills: OOP, REST architecture, Software architecture, SCRUM/Agile
other: Rest, Git, SVN, Slack, Jira, ElasticSearch

Academy Smart team has expertise in:

- E-learning
- Booking and Rent services
- Real Estate
- FinTech
- Cloud system
- Data Processing tools
- Management system development

You can confide to us:
Development, Testing, Hosting, Demo and Realise, Support, Consultation and Project scoping.

For our partners, we provide all the necessary legal documentation and hope, that they become not only partners but our friends!

Let’s develop SMART!

Founded: 2009

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