AJ Loosely

Praha, Czechia, Czech Republic

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AJ Loosely

Writing, editing, translation, IT, design

Writing creatively and formally allowed me to write for my secondary school newspaper for 4 years, developing my skills to a point where I then moved on to critical work experience for a local newspaper for 2 years in my later years of school, which gave me more experience in various different styles. Meanwhile, I would write short stories and books out of personal interest, and later released two books of my own. My goals to constently drive my knowledge lead me to where I am right now, freelancing for companies. I have worked on developing accurate descriptions for eShops, past experiences with copywriting, translation, spell checked/grammar checked for people online and written articles for local magazines based on mental and physical health and exercise. My passion for language skills in fluent Czech, English, Greek and French have helped develop my contacts within the industry gave me more relevent experience to my field and interests attracting more interest to myself and others in the work I craft. Over the past year I have been learning spanish, german, italian and japanese to a competent level, expanding my work opportunities in the future. Through my school years I was taking different design and photography courses and spent my spare time taking the knowledge and putting it into practise by taking on different comissions as a freelancer, which was the main source of income for me especially during latest years. I´ve decided to apply here because I would like to shift my focus primarily to freelancing remotely and online instead of working localy, because travel and meetings with clients in person isn´t convinient for my tight schedule. Thank you for your time.

Work Terms

I work based on work flow, which means I do start the task immediately and stay in preferably until it´s done. When it´s too much to do at once, I do it in several long hours fragments. Therefore most of the tasks don´t take me as much time as it would usually take. I also take longer break after I finish and recheck the work afterwards, which allows me to have clear perspective when I double check.

I am working 100% on commisions, so my working hours are basically 24/7, depending on the project I am working on. By that I mean, I am willing to start on a new project as soon as other work that was submitted previously is done and delivered. I also do have an assistant who does basic tasks for me, so I do work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Price varies depending on a certain project. When it is something interesting, I am willing to discuss the price since I like to work on creative tasks.

We will be communicating the task on the email as that is the fastest way to approach me anytime.