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  • Swift
  • MySQL
  • API
  • AWS
  • iOS Design
  • iOS Development
  • Iphone App Development
  • Java
  • Web Development
  • Amazon AWS
  • Android
  • Angular
  • Database Development
  • Django
  • Flask

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  • VOIP & SIP, WebRTC

    $60/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource


    AndroidCloud BasedData SecurityEmail EncryptionSip
  • Web Development

    $50/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    1. Back-end: 2. Front-end: 3. Database: 4. API and Services: 5. Serverless - architect and build serverless systems - AWS Lambda - AWS Cognito Users Pool - AWS API Gateway - Serverless Framework...

    AngularAngularJSAPI DevelopmentASP.NETAWS
  • Mobile App Development

    $50/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Mobile technologies allow you to increase the effectiveness of your work with customers, as well as with employees inside your company. We have extensive experience in developing convenient, secure and...

    Amazon AWSAndroidAngularAPIApp Development
  • Linux/Web/DB Admin & Cloud DevOps

    $50/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    - Linux : Ubuntu | Fedora | CentOS | Suse Enterprise | OpenSuse | RHEL - Windows Server : 2008 | 2012 | 2016 | 2017 - Cloud : AWS | Azure | GCP | Heroku | VPS Hosting - Database : MySQL | MariaDB | PostgreSQL...

    Administrative AssistantAmazon AWSAngularApacheApache CouchDB


react.js,vue.js,angular,php,laravel,codeigniter,node.js,mysql,ios,android,mobile,frontend,backend,react native,flutter,swift,java,kotlin,javascript,typescript,Go,python,ruby,aws,wordpress

For the last 10 years my primary field of work is Web and Mobile Development, and in general I have more than 10 years of experience in software development for different platforms. As a responsible person, skilled and ambitious professional I would like to use all my knowledge, experience and strong technical background to help you bring your ideas to Web and Mobile Platforms. I know how to work hard, learn quick, and be a part of a team. Also, in software development it is always important be open and honest and I am ready for that.

Main skills:
* React.js/NextJS, Vue.js/Nuxt, Angular2+
* PHP/Laravel/CodeIgniter/CakePHP, Node.js/Express/Meteor, Python/Django, Ruby On Rails
* Apollo/GraphQL
* MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, FirebaseDB, DynamoDB
* Typescript, ES6/7/8, HTML/CSS, Less/Sass, jQuery
* Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Semantic UI
* Wordpress/Woocommerce, E-commerce

* Native Android app development
* Native iOS app development
* Java, Kotlin, Android Studio
* Xcode, Swift, Cocoapods, Objective-c
* React Native and Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic
* UI and UX, Material Design, fast UI prototyping
* Custom UI of any complexity (custom views, animations, themes)
* Multiple devices (and screen sizes/resolutions) support

List of different third party technologies I am familiar with:
* Push Notification (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
* Social Network Integration (Facebook SDK, Twitter)
* Payments (Stripe SDK)
* Online Data Storage (Amazon AS3 SDK)
* Local Database Storage (SQLite,including SQLCipher, Realm)
* Mobile Analytic (Fabric: Crashlytics & Events)
* Network interaction (REST, Retrofit, Alamofire, Json, SOAP, GET/POST data,)
* Hardware (Camera, sensors)
* Google Tesseract OCR system Integration
* GPS, Maps
* Multi-threading
* Email and SMS sending
* Video and Audio streaming
* C/C++
* Git

If you can't see here something that you need, then it doesn't mean that I can't handle it, it means I had too much to fit in! Just ask me.

Work Terms

Work at your time zone.
Fast communication with your wanted messenger
40~50 hours available in a week.