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  • Set up Google Adwords Campaign

    $10/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    MANAGE GOOGLE ADWORDS Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist For Campaign management Goole AdWords Specialist is Here. Hello everyone I'm Ali. You find Google Ads for Campaign manager now. ✅ 6 years in digital...

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Hello, My name is Ali. My services are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Bussiness Manager, SEO Consultant, SEO Optimization, Social Media Management, Social Media Content Creating, and Social Media PPC.

I can solve your Google AdWords Problem with my experience.

I can solve your SEO problem.

I can create your social media plan with my advertiser and communication skills.
Google AdWords And PPC Specialist Servies

5 years in digital marketing. My fields of expertise:

A strategy plan will be created before setting up your Google Ads Account.

Work Terms

For Google Adwords:

I can build your search ads.
I can build your Display ads (Except for Gdn creative)
I can build your Shopping Ads.
I can build your youtube(Video) ads.
I can build your remarketing ads.
I can build smart search ads.
I can build responsive display ads.
I can build your mobile apps ads.
I can build phone ads.
I can build google maps ads.
I can do build your Google AdWords account.
I can do management for your PPC price.
I can do optimization of conversion.
I can do linked google ads to google analytics.
I can do keywords Analysis
I can do Create Ad text,
I can do Create Ad Snept,
I can do Create Custom Audience
I can do Open the Gmail ads,
I can do Create a remarketing audience,
I can do Linked and optimization for google tag manager
I can do Linked Merchant Center and set up your product XML.


A strategic plan will be created before setting up your Website.

* Sector Related Analysis (competitor, product, market, budget),
* Website Analysis,
* One-page SEO.
*Off-page SEO (Optional)
* Keywords analysis,
*Find broken links,
*Check Mobile-friendliness.
*Optimization for sitemap
*Htaccess optimization
*Robot.txt optimization
*Sitemap control
*Site hierarchy control
*Title and description optimization
* Optimization for Schema,
* Conversion Tracking, Measurement and Optimization,
* Content optimization,
* Backlink Analysis,
* Meta Title Analysis and optimization,
* H tag optimization,
*Search console optimization,
* Other search engine variation responsibility control,
The above will be done for your brand.

For Social Media Services

*Strategy planning.
*Creating social media post with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration
*Creating a desktop video with Adobe Premier
*Account/profile creation and branding. ...
*Content plan creation.
*Content publishing.
*Research and analysis.
*Education and consulting.
*Campaign and community management.
*Target Audience Analysis and Determination
*Creating a Social Media Communication Strategy