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  • Apex Lead Generation

    $12/hr Starting at $240


    AccessAnalysisAppointment SettingChat Supportcnm
  • Apex Telemarketing

    $12/hr Starting at $240


    AccessActAnalysisAppointment SettingChat Support
  • Apex Data Cleansing Services

    $50/hr Starting at $50

    You may probably get a lot of duplicate, unstructured and dirty data that can throw you off your campaign or cost you some money in the long run. We provide affordable cleansing of your data •We can...

  • Apex Appointment Setting

    $12/hr Starting at $240

    As any company or person needing appointments set knows, its hard to reach an appointment on the first call. Many factors play roles throwing the prospect of time or don't allow the prospect to make it...

    Appointment SchedulingAppointment SettingCall Center ManagementCall Center Start UpLead Generation
  • Apex CASS Address Verification (US only)

    $50/hr Starting at $100

    Need to standardize your address lists so your mailings get to the right contacts without delay? Stop wasting money because your client has moved or you have invalid addresses! For just pennies per...

    ActAct!Addressable AdvertisingBulk MailingBulk Mailings And Lists
  • Apex Bulk Mailings & Lists

    $8/hr Starting at $30


    AccessAct! CRMAdministrative AssistantBulk ListsBulk Mailing

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Quantity or Quality? the choice is yours!

Hi this is Manuel,

I Started off at the age of
17 as a Loan Originator cold calling prospects Monday through Friday.. was the
worst job of my life due to the lack of experience.. come to find out I was
pretty darn good at it, and was getting socials, tax id numbers and pretty soon
had Loans being processed. From there I moved up to Loan Officer selling loans
to applicants who qualified based on LTV, Debt Ratio and Credit score factors.
I learned there how to create, nurture and manage
pipelines . It took me to the wonderful world of needing more
prospects/leads!.. In order to make more money I needed leads!.. so that took
me through the world wide web of ecommerce, SEO, PPC and many other adventures.
Once again with will, time, sweat, and a couple of dead end avenues I ended up
figuring things out and pretty soon I was generating leads for our entire
mortgage team.
I now own and run a call
center based out of Hempstead New York and in Bogota Colombia. We have had the privilege
of work

Work Terms

Our transparent solution allows our clients
to know what's going on. Most folks
outsourcing HAVE to worry about potentially getting burned or throwing away
money, not really getting a firm grasp of what is going on a couple of thousand
miles away.
With our transparent solution you will have daily access to agents
computer screens while they work your shift, you will have live spreadsheets
that you will be able to view via real time and actually see notes being added
while the agent takes them down! . This allows you to make on the spot
adjustments, tune the project according to your needs, increasing efficiency
and once the again the overall peace of mind knowing that your money is being
worked for and earned.

Our motto is show and prove.
Give is a one to two week trial and we will make your believers. We ask for a fair amount of time for you to truly
analyze our work and from there see if we merit a longer contract or not. We know there are cheaper rates out there
but as you can see