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Bradley Morris

You can spend countless hours building your business, or you can spend countless hours doing your business. You choose.

Over the course of the last decade, I have worked with many companies who have brought in business consultants for various reasons. I’ve seen the greats, and unfortunately, I’ve too seen the fakes. But, what most of them had in common was their inability to actually customize anything. Sure, they do an industry standard review of your business, facilitate discussions with your staff, and some of them even have a nice PowerPoint presentation to share in front of your team. After they get buy-in, they have 20-25 services that they have provisioned for your competitors, and often times you are their beta and they really don’t know if it will work. Sound familiar?

I started Theophilus Government Solutions (TGS) to solve the problem of leadership, which the business consultant industry lacks immensely. Where the majority of our competitors operate off wishful thinking and non-personal services, TGS could be described as a bespoke advisory and training business that provides practical, evidence-based services that are tailored specifically to you. While our framework is based on industry best practices, regulations and compliance, our intensely trained business consultants will work with you to develop an innovative approach with clear expectations and outcomes.

If you have a great vision, it will not materialize unless it’s supported by a conducive culture, a relevant technological infrastructure, and strong, knowledgeable leadership. Driven by a Lean Six Sigma/ISO/PMBOK framework, TGS is the business consultant of choice for any business, whether large or small.

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