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  • Branding and Corporate Identity Design

    $45/hr Starting at $25

    You are founding a new business or developing a new product, congratulations. Now you need a complete brand to take over the personality of your latest creation. You have two options to choose from. You...

    Brand ConsultingBrand IdentityBrand LogoBrand StrategyBranding
  • Academic Editing

    $45/hr Starting at $25

    You have a source text - the copy of a single page flyer, a very important e-mail, the book that you wrote, your grandpa's manuscript journal, or an ancient scroll that you have recently discovered...

    Academic ConsultingAcademic EditingAdvertisingBook WritingCopy & Paste


Corporate Communications and Brand Strategy Consultant

Dr. Alpie Atabay has been providing communication design solutions to businesses and institutions for over ten years. In addition to his hands-on experience as a multi-media producer in the print advertising and digital video production fields, he has also offered corporate communications and brand identity management services to numerous clients as a freelance consultant. He created visual and written content for various short and long-term projects in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Maine, California and Hawaii in the U.S., as well as major global hubs like Istanbul, Shanghai and Jakarta.
He has proved his capabilities in both the fast delivery of ideas and fully-executed materials for the necessities of project’s and companies’ weekly routines, and the mental commitment that year-long marketing and political campaigns require. During the campaigns he worked as a creative director, he has been responsible from managing junior designers, and maintaining the unity, factual accuracy and consistency of the message provided in every print and motion picture piece.
As a scholarly editor, who conducted research in media, history and American studies, Dr. Atabay brings together his practical expertise in advertising and marketing with academic discipline and an analytical approach to mass communication.

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