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  • Writing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Advertorials
  • Ghostwriting
  • Google
  • PR Campaign
  • Press Releases
  • Public Relations Management
  • Remarketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

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  • Local SEO Search Rankings - Fast & Safe

    $59/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    You want to get the free traffic and leads (or sales) that come as a result of ranking on the first page of Google and the other search engines, right? However, you don't want to waste time or money dealing...

    GoogleLead GenerationLocal AdvertisingLocal BusinessLocal SEO
  • Google Ads (Adwords) Management

    $59/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Whether you love Google Ads or you hate them, they can be a VERY effective tool to drive traffic and leads into your business. There is so much traffic available on Google and that traffic is so qualified...

    Advertising CampaignsAdvertising IdeasAdwordsGoogleGoogle Ad Manager
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution

    $59/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    You probably already know this but there are a number of benefits to writing and distribution press releases. Among those are: There are two secrets to getting the most out of your press release. The...

    International PROnline PRPR CampaignPress AdvertisingPress Release Writing
  • Facebook and/or Instagram Ads

    $59/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Although getting more expensive and more complicated to setup and run, social media ads can still be a very lucrative traffic source for a number of businesses. My favorite applications are selling products...

    AdvertisingAdvertorialsFacebookFacebook AdsFacebook Marketing
  • Writing Advertorials

    $59/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Advertorials go by many names including pre-sell pages and even blog posts but they all share one purpose. To take a completely cold prospect and turn them into a warm prospect and ideally, a qualified...

    Advertising CopyAdvertorialsSales CopySales LettersWeb Content Writing
  • Remarketing (Retargeting) Setup & Mgmt

    $59/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Pleeease. If you're doing ANY kind of promotion to get visitors to your website, you have to setup your remarketing pixels. What this allows you to do is show (really cheap) ads to people AFTER they've...

    Digital MarketingFacebook AdsGoogle AdsInstagram MarketingRemarketing

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ROI. ROI. ROI. That's what it is all about. I provide premium quality services that consistently return a positive ROI for my clients.

You're likely a business owner or someone that is in-charge of marketing or increasing the bottom-line of your business.

Your focus is on results. And by results, we're talking increasing sales and/or sales leads (depending on your business model) and improving your bottom-line.

I understand that. Please see the video I've uploaded here so you can get a better feel for me and what I'm all about.

I'm different because I don't try to sell theory or "what ifs". I only offer services that I know work based on my own results and those results are more often than not funded with my own money.

I will also always act in your best interest. Even if that means telling you that I'm not your best option and referring you to someone that might be.

I'm not a smooth-talker but I write well. In fact, I've been told on more than one occasion that I am the "worst salesman ever." That's ok though. I believe that evidence is the loudest voice and producing results year after year has served me well.

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Payment due upon agreement unless otherwise stated.

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