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A media and public relations manager is responsible for creating and maintaining a favorable image of a company/employer in the public view. The professional plans and directs the creation of content for maintaining and enhancing the brand’s public image.

The job of a media and PR manager includes preparing media kits, pitching stories, developing marketing and advertising communications materials, and performing other activities to manage an organization's public relations.

Why your Brand Needs a PR Manager

The duties and responsibilities of a PR campaign strategist depend on the employer’s goals. They can prepare media kits, field questions and pitch stories to the media, organize press conferences, and write press releases, speeches, marketing communications materials or newsletters. Their job can also involve working on social media promotion and communication management, presentations, articles and other materials for internal and external distribution. PR managers can also counter negative publicity by releasing information to help the brand.

Services Offered by PR Managers

You can hire expert freelancers on Guru who can provide you the following range of services:

  • Creating your public relations plan covering goals, strategy and budget.
  • Creating media relations strategy for online media, broadcast and print.
  • Managing media inquiries.
  • Supporting social media initiatives and engagements while working with the social media marketing team.
  • Creating media collaterals.
  • Monitoring and analyzing PR results on a regular basis.
  • Assessing opportunities for advertising and partnerships on a regular basis.
  • Building relationships with industry leaders.
  • Commissioning market research.
  • Following industry trends and suggesting related changes regarding PR and communication strategy.
  • Organizing and participating in media events.
  • Managing negative media and situations.
  • Maintaining relationships with members of the media, such as reporters, producers, social media influencers and other content channel gatekeepers.

Evaluating the Right Freelancer

PR campaign strategists are versatile professionals who are expert presenters and communicators. They have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Being a public relations experts, they have in-depth understanding of how different channels contribute to public relations management, including social media and other digital platforms. They have proven experience in creating and implementing effective PR campaigns.

The right social media and public relations expert will also have experience in event planning. They should be creative, self-motivated and must have demonstrated the ability to keep information confidential.

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