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  • Management consultant

    $125/hr Starting at $25

    We are able to help your business. We want to assist with improved performance solved problems by finding new and better ways of doing things. HR Consulting Operations Consulting b

    ConsultantContinuous ImprovementFinancial ManagementFinancial PlanningHR Management
  • Disciplinary chairperson

    $125/hr Starting at $25

    Ensure you remain compliant and provide a fair hearing. An independent chairperson is able to rationally make a decision based solely on the evidence provided at a disciplinary hearing. Closely related...

    HR Management
  • HR Management and Structure

    $125/hr Starting at $25


    Benefits AdministrationCompensation ManagementHuman Resources ManagementManagementTraining
  • HR Documentation

    $60/hr Starting at $25

    We provide the documents which any growing business would need in terms of human resource management. We prepare appropriate, legislatively compliant employee contracts. These may be fixed-term contracts,...

    ContractsEmployment ContractsManagementPerformancePolicy
  • Website design

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    $500 per website $25 per month for a 12-month contract Combining great design and the choice of the most appropriate “back-end” applications we will ensure that your website provides the visual appeal...

    DesignGraphic DesignSEOWeb DesignWeb Development


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I assist in the Employment & Labour Department at Bev Loubser Attorneys as a candidate attorney. I specialise in helping HR practitioners and Business Owners remain compliant with current legislation. My primary role is to review employment policy and assist the employer to structure policies that ensure that their employees are treated with fairness, without incurring unforeseen costs in terms of remuneration claims.

I understand that dealing with a poorly constructed contract, policy or performance management system can add unnecessary stress on a business. If there is a case where employees must be retrenched, I work with both employer and employee to ensure a fair outcome.

I can also assist with mediation, which is normally a less costly option when compared to litigation. Mediation operates on the informed consent from both disputing parties who seek the help of an impartial third party who has the skill to understand the root cause of the conflict and facilitate an agreement.

I completed my MBA at Henley in 2010 and my LLB at UNISA in 2020. I joined the firm in 2020.

Work Terms

Terms are subject to signing at least a Power of Attorney, a Fee Agreement. Other signatures may apply.

Fees are subject to Bev Loubser Attorneys chosen domicilium citandi et executandi and exclude tax and disbursements.

In this regard the client agrees to pay the attorney and client fees notwithstanding that the same may be above any prescribed court tariff and more specifically agree to pay for:-

3.2.1 Bev Loubser’s time at R648.72 per 15 minutes, or part thereof;

3.2.2 Any Snr Associates or Professional Assistants, in the employ of the attorney’s, at their time at R518.98 per 15 minutes or part thereof;

3.2.3 Any Jnr Associates or Professional Assistants, in the employ of the attorney’s, at their time at R322.25 per 15 minutes or part thereof;

3.2.4 Any Candidate Attorney’s, in the employ of the attorney’s, at their time at R233.95 per 15 minutes or part thereof;

3.2.5 Drafting of letters/emails, general correspondence sent or received, at R207.59 per page. Lengthy and complex correspondence will be charged out at the applicable hourly rate;

3.2.6 Telephone calls made or received at R217.03 per telephone call under 5 minutes. Lengthy telephone calls longer than 5 minutes will be charged out at the applicable hourly rate in units of 5 minutes;
3.2.7 Perusing documents at the time rate as set out above;

3.2.8 The Attorneys’ disbursements for counsel’s fees, expert witness fees, sheriff’s fees and the like, including photocopies at R6.86 per page, telefaxes at R16.05 per page, and petties and postages;

3.2.9 The attorneys’ travelling costs at R6.48 per kilometer and the attorneys’ traveling time at the applicable hourly rate as set out above;

3.2.10 All fees are exclusive of VAT.