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  • App Development
  • Back End Development
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Front End Development
  • Full Stack
  • JavaScript
  • Knockout.js
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • ReactJS
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Development

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  • Full stack developer

    $10/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Hi, in front end i am using mostly react js, sometimes vue or knockout js, but that depends on requirements. As backend i'm using most often node js with graphql but also python flask. I have currently...

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Full stack developer

Build customised websites to the highest specifications. Carry out routine site maintenance. Make recommendations on the use of new and emerging technologies. Work through a project life cycle.
Knowledge of:
- Front-end: HTML, CSS, JS, React Js, Graph QL, Redux, Knockout JS, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, TypeScript
- Back-end: Python (flask), Node js (express)
- RDBMS's: Postgresql, sqlite, mysql
- NoSql: MongoDb, OrientDB