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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Jessica Hinckle

Corporate, creative, or both -- your brand competes; innovate or dissipate.

Originality is difficult to come by -- but consumers, they're everywhere.

And guess what? Each and every one of them is different; their needs, hopes, dreams, and taste, it's all different. No matter how many competitors your brand has, there's only one thing that you really need to communicate that will set you apart, and it's simple --

You, your brand, puts something to work that strives to satisfy on a personal level; effectively transforming every consumer into a collaborator.

As my client, you too will become a collaborator as we work together to provide your audience, clients, guests, and consumers with copy and creative that communicates how what they care about will be heard, thoughtfully considered, and delivered.

This is what humans are drawn to and it's what they'll come back for.

Creating that experience is why I love what I do.

NOTE: I'm returning to after an extended absence. As a result, the feedback notation in the top right corner is out of date. Please see the 'Feedback' section of my profile for a wealth of five star reviews and testimonials.

Work Terms

Each client presents a unique opportunity and to offer blanket work terms for all diminishes that fact. All negotiations, for all projects, are: up-front, fair, comply with Guru's terms of service, and are tailored to each client's needs.

Depending on the scope of the project, a 35-50% advance will be requested, with the possibility of a payment schedule for elongated projects.

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