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    $10/hr Starting at $30

    Hi, I am Jyoti, I'm an Amazon PPC / advertising specialist. I can optimize your product listings, create and optimize ad campaigns, optimize ACoS, maximize sales, and stand out from the competition. So...

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Amazon PPC / Advertising Expert. My mission is to help Amazon Sellers and make their business profitable through Amazon Ads and product listing optimization.

Hi! I am Jyoti. I am an Amazon PPC Expert from Odisha, India.

When I hear "Amazon" and "PPC" together, my energy gets quadrupled and brings a BIG smile to my face.

A big, big smile.

I don't know but, I feel excited when I see the SIX FIGURE Sales Revenue in Amazon Seller Central.

Then I see the money I have spent on Amazon Ads.

Well, the Sales is 6 times more than what I have spent. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Is 6.

And the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is 15%.

And the True Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS) is less than 10%.

When I see these stats, my excitement level knows no bounds.

I think this has become my passion for bringing great results for the clients.

I love going into details into the search term reports, business reports, campaigns, ad groups, bids, click-through rate, cost per click, ACOS, conversion rate, and optimizing those on a regular basis.

I love the numbers.

I love PPC.

I Love advertising.

I am hungry to learn and grow.

I love learning more about Amazon PPC and the topic of marketing every day.

Above all, it's motivating when clients compliment me for my hard work.