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  • Administrative Assistant
  • B2b
  • Email
  • Help Desk
  • Planning
  • Travel Planning
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Writing


  • Freelance Writing

    $30/hr Starting at $250


  • Virtual assistant

    $18/hr Starting at $25

    Need help with travel and meeting plans? Done! Need someone to respond to and influx of employee/client/b2b emails? Easy! Looking for reliable, timely, and flexible work? Look no further!

    Administrative AssistantB2bEmailHelp DeskPlanning


Writer, investor, business owner, innovator, mother, wife, survivor.

Professionally licensed in insurances and investments, I’m working on building a business and life for my family through hard work and a little bit of pixie dust. I’m a published writer of fiction and academic works as well as an avid reader, traveler, and event planner.

Annual retreats? Done it.
Living abroad? Check.
Published books? Absolutely.
College graduate? Yep.