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  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Technician
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Networking
  • Operating Systems
  • Security
  • Software Design
  • Switches
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus Removal


  • Professional I.T. Technician

    $15/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Experienced Networking and Computer Technician and customer service professional with 5 years of experience. Has training in Business Technologies with OPAC certifications and currently striving for his...

    Computer RepairComputer TechnicianCustomer ServiceManagementNetworking


I offer an on-call and convenient technical support company that provides network, PC and security support.

My name is Lawrence, I'm a certified I.T. technician and am currently in the process of attaining my CompTIA A+, Network +, and Security +.

I started working on computers at a young age, and have been about everything from a teacher's assistant to the manager of I/T firm. I also worked on government networks and security functions.

I managed a functioning small-shares company, business was exclusive and costumers’ hardware was serviced either at home or at the customers’ residence. Virus, malware, worm and spyware quarantine and removal was the most common issues I had to deal with, as such-I became very versed in virus removal and cleaning an operating system of taxing processes and malware aps without having to reinstall the OS and possibly lose valuable data for the client.

I use very trustable which compliments the techniques employed in my business which follow the CompTIA Certification requirements and the utilization of the 6-Step Troubleshooting method.

I do not condone or resource to using any of the following in my troubleshooting techniques:

Unofficial or Questionable Third-Party Software boasting ’Powercleaning,’ and adware-like malware control.

Fake OS or Unauthenticated operating Systems, often times to fix an issue, many poorly-trained technicians or neophytes in the field will install fake/unauthenticated OS’s over corrupt or compromised systems. I do not employ these options as they are obviously illegal, I also reframe at all cost from reinstalling an OS as an option to fixing an issue unless it is absolutely necessary.

Removing hardware and software from a PC or unit without any clearance and replacing said-hardware with hardware that was not initially in the system. This is against many policies in many companies and for good reason.
Taking or recording personal information from client’s personal or business PC’s, tablets and hand-held devices.

Work Terms

My hours of operation are from 6AM-10PM

Payment is by hour, payment begins with the confirmation of services and if I am servicing any equipment from you. This includes servicing computers or networks, maintaining and troubleshooting-- and any technical advise and testing as well.

Certain services will cost more than others, administrating a large complex network with security functions will obviously be more advanced and deal with corporate institutions and therefor demands a higher wage.

Some issues can be fixed in minutes, while others may take time . I do not buy gaming, or any form of hardware for my clients, if you want me to install some kind of hardware into your device, you will have to pay for it.

My preferred communication is by phone.