Lyana Pearson

Rockville, Maryland, United States

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Lyana Pearson

If they don't know you're here, how will they find you?

I have three passions: writing, marketing and helping others to see and then realize their own potential. I don't just think outside the box—I dump the contents and rearrange them so that something unexpected, a bit edgy and sometimes highly romantic emerges.

For seven years, I worked in a highly successful marketing firm. We've been successful because we never stop reaching, learning and remain at the forefront. We form relationships with our clients and help them break out of old ideas. I learned how to succeed at every aspect of marketing, from creating a corporate identity to creatively targeting specific audiences, then building and implementing a newly created (or recreated) brand across multiple platforms: print, web, social networking, video, email, events, stunting, direct mail, traditional advertising, research...

I've worked with non-profits, government agencies, mom and pop startups, major corporations, restaurants (from concept, to demographics, location, interior design, service strategy, and build-out), innovative concepts, fundraisers, musicians...

I've also trained clients in a proprietary class I created titled, "Seeding the Internet." I learned through experience that there are highly effective strategies for engaging an audience. Most businesses do not engage these simple techniques.

No one can guarantee your business will be successful. Making use of ever-changing tools and practicing value-based principles will give you the best possible chance. I won't lie for you. What I will do, however, is tease out the things about your products or services that differentiate you from your competitors. Even negative perceptions—if used properly—can gain your audience's confidence and show them why what you have to offer is different and perhaps even...better.

Work Terms

Currently availability: Monday — Friday evenings; Saturday and Sunday are flexible. (Eastern Standard Time.)
Payment: weekly, based on hours logged and worked. Weekday of payment to be chosen by client, but expected no later than 5 days following the end of each workweek.
Communication: I am open to phone, email, texts, skype...will provide upon exploration of possible work relationship.