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  • Data Entry
  • Ai
  • Analytics
  • App Development
  • Azure
  • Cloud Storage
  • Data Management
  • Database Development
  • Functional Testing
  • HTML
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office
  • NLP
  • Oracle

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  • Software Developer/Team Management

    $15/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    More than 4+ years of experience in Python,RPA,Data Science,Selenium,object-oriented analysis, development, testing in enterprise business applications. • Has Expertise Knowledge in Python Programming...

    AiAnalyticsApp DevelopmentAzureCloud Storage
  • Data Entry automation with 100% Accurac

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have developed many scripts for data entry automation which will automatically copies and pastes data from one sheet to other or web page.

    Data EntryData Management


Experienced Software Developer (Python,SQL,html,c,Java,Oracle,Selenium - Automation,Django)

Project #1:
Project Title : AppCompat Testing
Client: Prestigious IT company
Company:Prestigious IT company
Testing Approach: Application Testing
Software Tools: MTC,WTT
Role : Software Engineer
Project #2:
Project Title : Azure B-Storage
Client:Prestigious IT company
Company:Prestigious IT company
Technologies : Microsoft Azure – Cloud technology,Python/c#.
Software Tools: Microsoft Azure Cloud,VSTS.
Role: Software Developer
About Project:To create a Windows (desktop) Application called “AzureTableApp” to enable users to store data in a tabular format on the Azure Cloud.Ensuring that the table is working fine with storage and all the details of product stored in table in correct manner.

Project #3:
Project Title : *** Tools Development & Automation.
Company : Prestigious IT company
Technologies : Python,Django,selenium,sql,html
Software Tools: Anaconda – Spyder,Python IDLE
Role : Software Developer
About Project:It’s a Client BP Project Where I am used to develop tools and web using django and Python. I have automated nearly 300 tasks related to web actions, database actions and many more in the project. I have developed a web where users of 4 level will login in to 4 different levels and will carry there tasks.
Project #4:
Project Title :Prestigious IT company
Company : Prestigious IT company
This Project is Wipro POC project where we have to predict the salaries of employees regarding to their experience and analyzing the sentiment of the employee towards organization. We have applied statistical, Machine learning algorithm to finding the best model that suits to given data set.We have used NLP for analyzing the sentiment of employee. Here we have done “Data Visualization ”,”Data Digitalization”, “Data Modeling”, “Machine Learning”, ”NLP”.

Prjt5 : Face recognition and object detection and tracking.

Work Terms

Hours is depends on Project(30-40 hrs per week)