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  • Performance Engineering
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Communications
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Valuation
  • Crisis Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Planning
  • Business Process Management
  • Economics
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Startup Consulting
  • Business Development

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  • Operational Due Diligence

    $250/hr Starting at $250 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    For investment firms such as private equity and venture capital managers, operational risk and investment risk can dramatically diminish an investor’s assets in value. Operational Due Diligence (ODD)...

    Acquisition SalesBusiness AnalysisBusiness CommunicationsBusiness ConsultingBusiness Development
  • CEO and Board Advisory Services

    $250/hr Starting at $250 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Every CEO is trying to figure out what to do in an environment of fiscal tightening—getting deals done to execute the company's growth strategy used to be easy because we were in an era of free money...

    Acquisition SalesBusiness AnalysisBusiness CommunicationsBusiness ConsultingBusiness Development
  • Executive Advisory: Moneyball Playbook

    $250/hr Starting at $250 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    75% of venture-backed start-ups barely make a return on investment or fail. Fortunately, this is a solved problem. Introducing the Moneyball Playbook to increase the likelihood of success in venture-backed...

    Acquisition SalesBusiness AnalysisBusiness CommunicationsBusiness ConsultingBusiness Development


Advisor to Institutional Investors, Entrepreneurs and CEO's

Raised over 100M in Institutional Funding.

Previous results-driven CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER and now full-time advisor to Institutional Investors and CEO's to quickly overcomes profit and growth challenges,
leveraging entrepreneurial drive, leadership, and business acumen for success in new-market and high-growth initiatives.

Repeated success propelling organizations to the next level of growth and expansion. Extensive experience working within the SaaS and Fintech industries.

Expertise includes: setting the vision, focus, goals, and strategies that produce the best possible ROI, raising institutional capital, defining KPIs, unlocking efficiencies, leading cross-functional teams, fostering high-performance culture, building customer
service capabilities, driving change, improving ARR & EBITDA, and elevating the business to market leadership.

Highly skilled at providing valuable perspectives to CEOs and Boards. Fosters partnership with investors, advising the executive leadership, developing strategic plans, cultivating a sense of "can-do" across the company, assessing and managing risks, providing effective controls, approving budgets and business decisions, evaluating the management, and creating effective presentations to all stakeholders.

Innovative thinker, who understands business beyond the numbers, and possesses an instinctive ability to drive business strategy, surpass sales goals, and develop C-level strategic partnerships.

A highly creative, out-of-the-box thinker, specializing in early problem recognition and offering strategic solutions.

Work Terms

$250 for an initial consultation
Normal engagement terms of 6 months
Focused on being a short-term partner to CEO's and Investors