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  • Digital Illustrator

    $12/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    My name is María José and I'm a digital Illustrator. I make artistic images and I have the intentionality to create emotions or feelings with my art. I have abilities in technological tools like Adobe...

    3D3D CAD3d Cad Design3d Cad Drawing3D CAD Modeling


When the words ain´t enough, I painting shapes that kiss your soul.

Hi, My name is María José, 17 years ago I started in the world of the Digital Desing with the elavoration of maps how cartographer.

In the way learned about autocad 2D and th use of software how photoshop.

I started a business of photography and sell of Personalized T-shirts.

For 2018 I incorporated that activity in social network and I create my own page in facebook for sell in my contry (sublimated articles, personalized T-shirt, comics desings, portraits, photo-books and photography services) named Aquila Online shop.

I studied Cartography and Digital Desing, and learned more in diferent courses how photoshop, illustrator, endesing, digital painting, digital draw and in the last year Autocad 3D.

I have a Chameleon soul, and for that reason love diferent things, love sport, cook, play video games and draw, this has turned into my time for express me and I enjoy that so much.

All my works I goint to do with the most quality and compromise.

Work Terms

I will be available to coordination and comunication with the costumer of Monday to Friday at 9am to 6pm. (Local Time of San José Costa Rica) via e-mail, and if is requered via whatsapp messages.

In the moment of the coordination and comunication with the costumer we can see the detail of the work for do it, this is very importand because is the moment when the costumer especify all the requeriments of the work and detail that he o her wanna do.

All Projects require a 50% payment to start.

I going to give a advance revision for doing the requered changes of color, texture and detail ( I don´t do a total change the idea or the work.)

And the remaining balance is given on satisfactory completion.

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