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  • Social media marketing, without paid ads

    $15/hr Starting at $30

    If you're looking build a following for a white hat site, create brand awareness, pull in members, users, customers..ect Through purely honest long lasting hard work, not just pilling money on ads, short...

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Don't be a lil baby dino, check out my work!

I started working online full time about 10 years ago, starting as an Internet marketer which lead me into building wp sites for myself and then developing basic custom sites for small businesses, gaining me the experience and knowledge I then shared on a forum. I was then made mod,supermod and then admin of the forum, bringing it from 10k to almost 300k members! This brought me the attention of several CPA networks, where I then was an affiliate manager! Dedicated to finding and bringing in new affiliates, helping to produce methods, grow traffic sources, and raise affiliates income! Through research, testing, making landing pages, and applications for affiliates, my top skill being email marketing and social marketing!... After slowing down for a few years to raise my babies, I've come back stronger than ever, building on my bootstrap skills to produce a fully mobile friendly, custom site/product quicker with less errors! Now I've taken my different skills and knowledge and put them together with my bestfriend an incredible backend coder of 10 plus years to create a new site and company Tzar Games LLC/! Which in a years time and no paid advertising has over 1400 active members, including 175 streamer creating content for our site for free, all gained through twitter at no cost to us! So to say I have the skills and the back up to start, see through to the end and finish any project on many different levels is an easy statement to make!

Work Terms

I work 24/7... 365 days a year, but have no set schedule, seeing that i work from home for myself! I prefer to use Skype to communicate, as for payment preferences... Paypal works fine, but I would be open to discussion! I prefer to be my own boss, but this does not mean I don't work well in groups, because I do!