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  • Academic Consulting
  • Active Listening
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Alternative Education
  • Artist
  • Coaching
  • Creative
  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Research
  • Event Planning
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Mentoring
  • Phone Support
  • Planning
  • Research

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  • Creative Virtual Assistant

    $20/hr Starting at $30

    I can help to Process Life in 3 main areas: 1) Event Planning 2) Travel Research and Planning 3) Educational Coaching and Mentoring. **See my profile for more information** I

    Academic ConsultingActive ListeningAdministrative AssistantAlternative EducationArtist


Event, Travel, and Educational Expert

I have worked in many human-based jobs and volunteer positions. I love people, and I believe listening is the key ingredient to being intelligent. I am a person who strives to create sustainable adventurous lives--and I really mean that.

I have mentored college students, volunteered in India, worked as a high school program aid, and started out as a technical illustrator. I am well versed in creative alternative things, and love to be at peace with my surroundings (and not take on too much). I feel this helps me to be efficient and consistent with my work.

My goal is to help relieve stress, enrich your life, and make it more manageable in general. I focus on the 3 areas of specialty:

Events: I have planned field trips, large group events, career discovery, birthdays, art excursions, church events, concerts, youth treks, and more!

Travel: this is my go to - I LOVE to plan specific and private travel experiences. I am not into run of the mill hotels or expensive stuff - think BUDGET ARTSY and ADVENTUROUS.

Educational: I have mentored as a volunteer and professionally for middle school up to college students in career and educational planning. Financial aid, college prep, time management, vision/goal/plan making and practical application.

Help me to enrich you life. I will surely listen and get to work!

Work Terms

I am open 24/7, but live in Massachusetts (EST zone) and will be officially open to taking calls, texts, emails, etc between 10am-9pm.