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  • SwiftUI
  • Combine
  • Core Data
  • Human Interface Design
  • Storekit
  • Swift 5
  • Algorithm Development
  • Animation
  • Charts
  • Custom Ui Controls
  • Database Development
  • Eventkit
  • Healthkit
  • iOS App Development
  • Layout

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  • iOS App Development

    $25/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    An iOS Software Developer specialising in human oriented interactions design and application speed. I started working on mobile platforms back in 2003 as PalmOS developer. During my professional career...

    Algorithm DevelopmentAnimationChartsCombineCore Data


My approach to development: start from a simple solution, gradually add complexity until you reach a minimally viable solution. And send app builds to a client for testing to stay on track.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those, who like completeness,

A Software Developer specialising in designing human oriented interactions, reliably working software, and application performance. During 16 years of my professional career I gained experience in various technologies and platforms, tried different roles, and developed a bunch of apps start-to-finish, including a couple of my own. Employers often value my dedication to their projects, exceptional ability to understand their needs, and how I can suggest even better solutions than they came up with. While teammates can rely on my support and versatile expertise in challenging situations.

I started working on mobile platforms in 2004 when it was not trendy (who remembers PalmOS?) and I used C/C++ for that. In those days most devs would frown at smartphones seeing them as bad copies of ‘real’ big computers. But time passed, Apple released its iPhone/iOS, Google – its Android, and all of a sudden Mobile was everywhere. And Microsoft with its Windows Mobile was too late to the party. So, as PalmOS was obsoleting, I learned Windows Mobile (C#), iOS (Objective-C/Swift), and Android (Java/Kotlin) - all native. I personally prefer native because it allows for better results in terms of performance and distribution file size. I know these are good enough with such cross-platform technologies like React Native or Flutter, but did you see installation file sizes of Gmail (500MB+) or Facebook (300MB+) apps on iPhone? IMO it’s way too much from the ‘good enough’ level. You may not know or remember, but Windows 95 took just 55MB after installation and Windows 98 – almost 300MB. My apps rarely exceed 10MB threshold (if no media files are included of course) and that’s because I care and pay attention. Consequently and logically, that enables a blazing fast app launch too. If you need a Software Developer who can do app, back-end, database, and sometimes a little research on something (kind of a Universal Soldier in software development) - that's me, a Swiss knife of IT. iOS is just my most up-to-date skill.

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