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  • Menu Design
  • Menu Engineering
  • Recipe Writing
  • Training
  • Branding
  • Purchasing Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Demand Supply Planning
  • R&d Operations
  • Recruiting
  • Wholesale Purchasing
  • Equipment Supply
  • Strategy
  • Banking
  • Concept Development

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  • Restaurant Consultant

    $28/hr Starting at $28 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Guiding you through the conceptualization of the brand, understanding the format you want to go ahead with, the present market scenario, your target market feasibility, price points that work with the...

    AnalyticsBankingBrand IdentityBrandingCommodity Pricing


Restauranting is easy. You just need to know the process.

7+ years of experience with over 16 brands and 4 of my own brands. I've always believed in small, smart investments, high returns. People take 6 months to perfect a Sushi, but who cares about the perfect Sushi, they care about a great price, brilliant service, a decent sushi and availability. Opening a restaurant is no Master Chef, its highly entrepreneurial. Who likes a McDonald's burger more than an Exotic Juicy Lucy, very few may be, but the fact is McDonald's is selling for a million more bucks with a simple, edible burger than a gourmet whole wheat burger. Don't sell what you like to eat, sell what the market loves to eat. Don't take feedback from your mom, take it from the market. I've seen restaurants break into pieces because of owners getting personal about the taste, lack of training, zero procedures, non maintenance of food costs or sometimes owners giving free food to friends. You are in this business if you know you can give in long hours, accept the market and adapt to it, have patience and you wont make a status symbol out of the profession.

Work Terms

Usually 10:00 am to 6:00 pm with a 24 hour prior appointment. Payment is upfront, like at Quick Service Restaurants. I'm great over a phone call, a skype call or a personal meeting if you're in my city, the output shall be the same in all cases. Just make sure you have a list of questions ready for me to make the hour worthwhile.