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  • Microsoft
  • Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Grammar
  • Photo & Image Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Punctuation
  • Research
  • Windows
  • Design
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • French Language
  • French Translation
  • Italian Language

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  • Academic & Non-Fiction Writing

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I aide my employers in writing well-researched and stimulating pieces. Let me be the tool you use to report your information. I have access to three library systems and one is at the university level...

    Academic WritingCitationData CollectionMicrosoftResearch
  • Creative Writing, Fiction, & Screenplays

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I help my employers boost their imagination to create enjoyable worlds and artistically written pieces. Let me be the tool you use to visualize your dream. I use Final Draft 8 to create screenplays, which...

    Creative WritingDesignFantasyFictionFiction Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I use a three-step process in my editing that gives you a more thorough correction for the same price as other editors. Let me be the tool you use to polish your project. I am familiar with APA, MLA,...

    ApaContent EditingCopy EditingDevelopmental EditingEditing
  • French/Italian/Spanish Translation

    $40/hr Starting at $35

    I deliver creative, accurate translations from French, Spanish, and Italian into English. I primarily do faithful translations as opposed to word-for-word or free translations. Let me be the tool you...

    English LanguageFrench LanguageFrench TranslationGamingItalian Language
  • Reports and Articles

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I assist my employers in producing innovative, well-researched, creatively written pieces. Let me be the tool you use to inform your audience. I have ghostwritten many articles and am comfortable with...

  • Memoirs

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I allow my employers to tell their stories in their own words, while providing the structure and descriptive language to captivate an audience. Whether it's writing your love story or telling others about...

    Book FormattingEditingE-PublishingFormattingInterviewing

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B.S. in Biology + B.A. in Theatre = Well Researched Creativity

I care about and take pride in my work.

I am a published author. Here are some books and short stories published under my name:
Non-fiction short stories - Vicksburg
Fiction short stories - Memory
Non-fiction book - HIV and AIDS - The Essential Guide

Some books I have edited:
Offspring by LaMonte Fowler (on
Powerfully Fragile by Briohne Sykes (on
Self-Experiences... by Ken Bruscia (through Barcelona Publishers)

My strength is in my diversity of experiences. I have done a wide variety of things from teaching dance to making desserts to flying an airplane to working in a lab. I have lived and visited a variety of places both in the United States and abroad. I have experienced the heartbreak of broken relationships and the joys of a long-term commitment. Because of my background, I can understand your audience and help them connect with you.

Work Terms

I use SafePay.
If I discover plagiarized work while editing or proofing, I charge a $25 plagiarism fee and return the work uncompleted. Fixing plagiarism costs three times as much and takes longer.
I provide a rough draft (in most circumstances) for your review before submitting a final copy. I work until you are satisfied; however, I reserve the right to charge extra for excessive (over two) rewrites or re-edits.
I do not work on weekends. Sometimes I check my Guru account, sometimes I do not on the weekends.
I reserve the right to turn down jobs I deem unethical even after accepting an awarded project. If this happens, I will refund any funds deposited in SafePay in full and destroy the work I have done.
I prefer to be contacted through Guru, but I also use phone and email. At this time, I don't have Skype. Why? I work around the clock and in strange places (e.g.track meets, McDonalds, my car). I don't want you to see me in a moo moo and curlers. I am more than happy to call you worldwide.

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