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  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Development
  • PgSQL
  • Reports
  • VBA
  • XML
  • C#
  • Crystal Reports
  • Data Management
  • Database Development
  • Design Process
  • Excel
  • Microsoft

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  • Excel, Access, VBA, VB, macros

    $25/hr Starting at $50

    I am working with excel and access almost on a daily basis for 8 years, using VBA to create macros, user forms, reports. With excel query data from Oracle,MSSQL,mysql,pgsql and access databses. Extracting...

    ExcelExcel ProgrammingMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPoint
  • Crystal Report

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    I have around 8 years of experienceI with Crystal Report to create .rpt files. My reports are moving on a wide range from the very simple (just a main report or a few subreports and simple data queries)...

    Business ObjectsCrystal ReportsReportsSAP Business Objects
  • Java

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    However I have around 6 years experience with java but it is mostly limited to create simple windows desktop application and java classes that queries data from Oracle,MSSQL, pgsql, mysql database and...

    Crystal ReportsCVSExcelJavaMicrosoft SQL Server
  • C# developer

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    Around 8 years experience but creating mostly small desktop windows form applications that are needed in our day to day work in our company. Pulling data from MSSQL or Oracle database. Processing xml...

    CC#Data ManagementDatabase DevelopmentDesign Process
  • MSSQL, ORACLE, pgsql,mysql

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    I have 8+ years experienc of administrating, quering, programming MSSQL database and around 6 years of quering and programming Oracle database (administrating no!). I also have experience in sqlj of Oracle...

    App DevelopmentData ManagementDatabase DevelopmentDesign ProcessDistributed Computing
  • Part time developer

    $25/hr Starting at $25

    I am also looking for a position as a part time developer. This can be Java,C#, Visual Basic, MSSQL, Oracle or even VBA for excel and Microsoft Access. I can work between 10hours and 20 hours/week without...

    C#JavaMicrosoftMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Excel


I am working full time for an IT company as support of different applications. The support work includes developing in excel VBA, C#, java and frequent use of Crystal Report. I have around 8 years experience of administrating and quering ,programing MSSQL database and around 6 years of quering and programing Oracle database (I don't administrate them, therefore no experience with it)

Since I would like to convert myself into a freelancer I get jobs here in my freetime with the goal that within 10 years I can be a full time freelancer.

Work Terms

The first contact is always via but then I have no problem to keep in touch by skype. Mobile is neither a problem but it requires that the employer has a good reputation here in