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  • A Conversational Bot For kik Messenger

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    An artificial intelligence that responds to people messaging your kik bot. The first reason is to use chatbot is, lots of traffic which are generating thousands of messages. This is the best way to deal...

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Expert Blogger With Web Development Experience

I have been in the blogging industry for 4 years. On my first site, I used to develop blogger templates. I have developed many blogger professional blogger templates for blogs, coming soon sites even for mobile app showcase blogger templates. Meanwhile, I learned SEO stuff from Udemy. I have taken courses of well-known entrepreneurs of the blogging industry, I have learned how to start a blog through Zac Johnson. Zach Miller one the best teacher I have ever seen I learned a lot from him, SEO Optimized Articles, Keyword Research, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing. Also, I have observed day by day sites and apps are being artificially intelligent which intrigues me to learn to make web sites intelligent to improve user experience. Also, I own the startup called CottonCare which utilizes machine learning to provide a complete diagnosis and recommendation ecosystem for farmers