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  • Advertising Ideas
  • Audience Analysis
  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Launch
  • Digital Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
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    Advertising IdeasAudience AnalysisBrand DevelopmentCampaign LaunchDigital Advertising


Facebook/Instagram Expert | Google Ads Certified | Digital Marketing Strategist | Setting up Marketing Systems + Automation | Sales Funnels

The question I have for you, "Do You Take Your Brand Serious Enough?" In your brand’s most powerful moment, does it have a sense of awe about that it is the only choice and all other things are completely ignored? This seldom happens without some sense of extremism that has been refined over time and is well-defined even at a distance.

If we do that, your brand will stand out. At the pinnacle of Apple success, they were differentiated by a product line that could fit on your kitchen table, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that could not name them all, customers and non-customers. However few companies differentiate and take their uniqueness serious enough.

Most of my recent success has been in SaaS discipline working with organizations in the Business Development area and to onboard external groups such as customers, influencers, affiliates, and resellers. I have also managed and worked closely with sales and marketing teams as I have started from there.

Hands-on experience in the implementation of marketing strategies to include direct and indirect sales development. I am well-versed in digital marketing and the traditional marketing concepts of lead generation, and advertising. As an example, I am very capable of helping, evaluating and implementing a social media strategy.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

- SEO Optimized Content Writing
- launch and marketing strategy
- social media marketing
- Facebook Messenger Bots
- Google Ads
- sales funnels
- lead generation
- setting up marketing systems + automation
- evergreen launch funnel implementation

If you would like a helping hand when it comes to marketing and launching your course, program, membership, or online service/shop, I would love to meet you on chat and hear about your business and the areas you're looking to have help with.

I look forward to meeting you and potentially working together to grow your business.

Warm regards,

Work Terms

I am available 30-40hrs/week
I also work on weekends
You can communicate with me via Call, Chat, Video

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