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TCA Media is one of those things that happens when a few people love doing something so much, they are determined to make a living at it. Is this what we set out to create so many years ago? I'm not sure, but we like were it's going.

Great video is a collaboration of brilliant ideas and talented people who enjoy telling the world about it. It's simple, my friend. We create so you don't have to.

Work Terms

More often then not you’ll come to us with no idea how this stuff works, and that’s okay. It’s why your here. So, you don’t know what to expect or maybe even what you want. Don’t worry. We’ll help.

First we have a conversation. We learn about you, your product and your company. We want to know everything, well maybe not everything, but as much as we can to decide what kind of video you really need. This would be the time to tell us why you love your stuff and why other people will love your stuff. Don’t hold back, because this part is important.

If you’ve made it to stage two it means we like each other enough to create genius. So we do some research, both of us. We want to know what you like and what inspires you because we can use that to inspire us. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a dedicated art that you can’t get just anywhere. Are we a little proud of our skills? Yes. But we should be. You need a team that’s confident about what they can do for you. This is where we start “the creative process”, we jot down ideas and once we land on a winning one it’s time to talk terms and budget.

And finally. How long does this take?

There is no definitive answer to this. Some projects could be months, others just weeks. It will take as long as your project needs it to. It’s important that you seek us out EARLY in the process so we have time to properly develop and create the video. If that’s not your reality then you COULD fix it with money but we don’t encourage that.

Every video is like it’s own unique eco-system and must be cultivated as one. And, when all of the elements come together correctly the results are fabulous. We don’t want to short change any video we take on and we hope you don’t want to either so expect a comfortable 6-12 weeks from concept to completion for the best results.

Once we are done, you own it to use as you please based on our agreement!!