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TJ's Tools LLC

Customizing Microsoft Office solutions for 20 years.

TJs Tools LLC has been creating robust, powerful and user-friendly Microsoft Office enhancements for 20 years. Starting in 1994, TJs Tools created a custom sales application for the New Yorker magazine using Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh. Since that time we have developed solutions using VBA, HTML, ASP, WordBasic, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Google Maps, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and Microsoft Project. We are proficient in Microsoft Versions from 6.0, through 98, 2000, XP and up to Office 365. Our clients have included Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Goldman Sachs, Human Rights First, Planned Parenthood of Orange County, California, NARAL, Ipsos Pharmaceuticals,Central Park Conservancy, Cooper Steel, Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, Mazur, Carp & Rubin, P.C., White & Case, and ThruPoint Inc. In many cases we have worked extensively with clients over the internet, using email, instant messaging and remote desktop to accomplish any tasks necessary. The key ingredient is in understanding the clients' needs and communicating them effectively in order to get the job done correctly, efficiently and on time. TJs Tools will spend a significant amount of energy and time ensuring that the client's needs are met using the best technologies and the wisest approach. By starting out this way, we have found that we have been able to cut development time by 35-55%. Having clear goals is critical.


In our many years of development experience we have also developed a vast code library, enabling us to "plug in" work we have performed in the past, thereby saving on cost to the client. Additionally, TJs Tools has a very robust reporting system that is modeled on Microsoft's own. If the client so chooses, if a problem arises a message may be sent to TJs Tools which will alert us to where the problem occurred and on which machine. This allows us to provide outstanding support.

Work Terms

TJs Tools will summarize the requirements that the client has provided in order to ensure that there is a common understanding of what work will be performed. Any outstanding questions will be itemized and once there is common understanding, tis Requirements Document will be the basis for work performed.

Due to the nature of software development, TJs Tools prefers to work by the hour, but we provide a Low and High estimate for the number of hours we anticipate the project will take. 87% of our jobs end up being close to the middle of those Low and High Estimates. WE WILL NOT BILL FOR ANY AMOUNT WHICH GOES ABOVE THE HIGH ESTIMATE.

We prefer working remotely, but where necessary we will work on-site. We prefer communication via email or Instant Messaging as this provides an excellent method for accountability and follow-through.