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  • Solidity
  • Ethereum
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • Maven
  • Spring Framework
  • SQL
  • Tomcat
  • XML
  • Admin Support
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • Apache Ant

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  • java spring hibernate fullstack

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    java backend development with js frontend exclude design or graphics, with frameworks like angular.js / angular 2 I have experience with next tools: C3P0, HikariCP Ganymed-ssh2 iText, POI, JAXB

    AngularApache POIHibernateHtmlUnitJava
  • JS MEAN Meteor Ethereum frontend

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    JS tech stack including UI but exclude design. It is possible to combine Angular with Meteor. It is not my main tech stack so the rate is lower. I have experience with next tools : JavaScript, JQuery,...

    AngularJSBootstrapFront End DevelopmentJavaScriptjQuery
  • scrapping grabbing reporting information

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    If you need to make tool that would collect information over http or web socket I could write custom protocol implementation based on raw sockets.I have experience of writing similar tools to analyze...

    HTTPLayout DesignMicrosoft ExcelPdfReport Writing
  • OPS linux administration

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    I use linux as main OS. Also I have some skills to support OPS process. This service include integration software development. I used to work with : Subversion, git Ant, Maven Jenkins, sonar Gn

    Admin SupportApache AntDesign ProcessGitGNU
  • ethereum solidity blockchain

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    This service include contracts developing on EVM, using solidity language, truffle. If you need to utilize or wrap contract to make it available on classical(centrilized) internet/networks you should...



Communications are very important.

I have experience with software development since web development in school(yeah everyone has different hobbies). I started with system level C/C++ at university, later switched to Java backend(spring stack with angular). I am comfortable with ethereum based projects, go(golang), meteor, node.js, javascript, MEAN stack. I use gnu/linux OS.
Here it is skills/tools that I use or used before:
- Ant, Maven
- C3P0, HikariCP
- Ganymed-ssh2
- JDBC, Hibernate
- iText, POI
- javax.mail
- JAXB, XJC, Xpath, Jackson, mapstruct
- JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, SVG, Angular.js, Angular 2/ ionic 2, meteor, bootstrap, semantic UI, NativeScript
- Junit, Selenium, HtmlUnit, retrofit
- Netty(WS, HTTP, FIX, PFIX, lightstreamer)
- Solidity (ethereum), truffle
- Struts, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring JMS
- Subversion, git
- jenkins, sonar
- proftpd, mod-sql(spring integration)
- nginx, tomcat
- rocketchat
- wekan

PS I am not designer or painter and I can work with CSS but can't create it. My university background are information security.

Work Terms

I am focus on result of my work, by understanding context/use cases of the project. Based on that information, I choose right level of granularity of the source code and research to choose the best fit of frameworks/tools for each project individually. Even if I would not know some tool, I will learn it because it will simplify my work, as a result release your project faster. In our days there are next development approach: right tool for specific task. If there are no right tool, I could create one.