Vlad Z

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Vlad Z


During my career I did programming in different computer languages/platforms.

Two my last jobs - Threat Researcher (Anti-Malware/Anti-Spam) - Reverse Engineering, Heuristic detection on different file types: Windows Executables (PE, x86 and x64), SWF Adobe Flash, javascripts, javaclasses, PDF (script), PHP, Python ... I also did auxiliary programming (like disinfection) in C and antivirus-specific scripts.

I have done lots in assembler (machine languages) - research tools, debugging and reversing. IDA (disassembler), debuggers like SoftIce, Olly, WinDbg.

Prior Anti-Malware jobs I had been working as Software Developer - POS Terminals (like VeriPhone) servicing different Payment Cards (VISA, MasterCard, .. Chip Cards), related communication protocols. Most of work in C for *nix-like OS.

I also did banking software - DBMS, Clarion - Back Office. Emission of (plastic) cards that software was processing - more than 100,000.

Work Terms

Flexible - almost 24 hours. Deadlines if needed.
email, Skype/other messengers.