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Security is at the core of everything we do. To ensure complete security and confidentiality of your data on Guru, we have taken the following measures:

  1. HTTPS Secure – Guru is a HTTPS secured website. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a security protocol that protects the integrity of the data exchanged between your browser and our website. HTTPS encrypts the data exchanged to give you a secure experience on our platform.
  2. Security Questions – These questions offer an additional layer of security when you log in to your account on Guru. They prohibit unauthorized access to your account, especially if there is a log in from an unknown device or network .
  3. Email and Phone Verification – The email and phone number that you provide on Guru are verified for authenticity. Accounts with unverified email and phone information are flagged and monitored by the customer support team, specifically in the context of payment related activities.
  4. ID Verification – To make sure Guru is a secure marketplace that Employers and Freelancers can trust, we are moving towards requiring all Freelancers to verify their identity.
  5. Credit Card and Bank Account Verification – Credit cards and bank accounts used for transactions on Guru are verified to ensure authenticity. This is done to prevent any kind of fraudulent activity related to payments on the platform.
  6. PCI Compliance – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is applicable to any site that accepts credit cards for payment. They define rules on how the information related to credit cards should be stored and processed in the database. We also run a compliance test every quarter and submit the results to the bank that processes our credit card information. Compliance tests are run by a third party vendor to ensure that information has not been compromised.

To keep your account safe and free from any malicious activity:

  1. Send and Receive Payments only on Guru – Transactions on Guru are conducted in an SSL session in order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information from being disclosed to third parties or hackers. You must do all your monetary transactions on Guru.
  2. Use SafePay for Payment Protection – Request the Employer to fund the SafePay account with a minimum balance before you start work. Payment is released once the Employer has reviewed your work. In case of a dispute, we offer Arbitration service, but only if funds are available in SafePay.
  3. Don’t send your W-9 info directly to your Employer (U.S. Freelancers only) – We keep your W-9 information private with us. If your Employer needs to file, we offer a free 1099 service for them.


  • Read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we protect your information on Guru.

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