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SafePay helps create transparency on the platform. It is a shared account, funded by the Employer before starting work. When SafePay is funded, the Freelancer feels confident that funds are available and the Employer feels secure that work can be reviewed before releasing the payment.

Funds in SafePay aren’t tied to one specific job or task. They can be used to pay for tasks, milestones, hours, miscellaneous work or even bonuses. Funds from SafePay can be released to either the Employer or the Freelancer, using a Release Request.

Although it is not mandatory to use SafePay, we recommend that you request for funds in SafePay before work begins, especially if you are working with the Employer for the first time.

Funding of SafePay is governed by the terms of your Agreement. However, the Employer can also choose to fund SafePay with any amount upon prior discussion with you.

In case of a dispute, either party can request for Arbitration, as long as funds are available in SafePay.

To know more about SafePay, click here.

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