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About Time Tracking

Time tracking allows Employers and Freelancers to substantiate and understand the billed amount for jobs based on Hourly Payment term. With time tracking, Freelancers are able to record job activity and accordingly bill the hours to the Employers. On Guru, you can track time in one of the three ways:

  1. Time Tracker tool – populate Timesheet details automatically
  2. Manually track time in WorkRoom
  3. Upload alternate timesheet – requires submitting an alternative invoice too

For jobs on an Hourly Payment term, time is tracked on a weekly basis (Monday to Sunday), and the Timesheet is used to generate an invoice every Monday. We allow Freelancers to view and edit the Timesheet and validate its accuracy through Monday. Hourly invoices are sent to Employers on Tuesday.

In case of other Payment terms – Fixed Price, Milestones and Recurring, the time can be tracked to record time spent on tasks but cannot be used to create invoices.

You can download the Time Tracker tool from the “Track Time” tab in the job WorkRoom.


  • You must have at least one active agreement to be able to login to the time tracking tool.

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