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Messages allow Freelancers and Employers to communicate and share files. Messages contain the entire conversation history – from quote discussion to WorkRoom messages.

WorkRoom messages also record actions taken within the WorkRoom as a part of workflow such as Agreement changes, task creation, invoice generation, payments and other automatic functions such as AutoFund and AutoPay.

To send a direct message, scroll to the bottom of the WorkRoom and write a private message to your Employer. Click on “Expand All” to see all the messages and alerts related to the job.

Add files to messages

Click on “Add Files” (next to the Messages in the WorkRoom) to share files with the Employer.

We understand that you are not always on our platform, so we email you a copy of any message that you receive in the WorkRoom. You can respond to the email directly from your email client and we will add the message to the WorkRoom.

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