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Top Legal Nurse Consultants

  • View Service Offered By abqwriter


    Legal Nurse Consultant

    Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

    • Legal Nurse Consulting
    • Consulting
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Editing
    • Legal
    • Outlook
    • PrintMaster
    • Processing
    • Proofreading
    • Publishing

    Medical Secretarial Support

    My professional quality work will meet your professional needs. I take pride in the work I return to you so that you can take pride in your business.I am skilled in word processing, desktop publishing, transcription, and legal nurse consulting. I am an independent worker used to making quick decisions and am an excellent communicator. I won''t waste your time by bidding on projects for which I am not capable of completing to your specifications and my standards. Variety of projects in word proces... View more

  • View Service Offered By nhall1974


    Legal Nurse Consultant

    Montclair, New Jersey, United States

    • Legal Nurse Consulting
    • Consulting
    • Excel
    • Health
    • Health Insurance
    • Legal
    • Lotus Notes
    • Medical
    • Microsoft
    • Microsoft Office 2007

    Word Processing

    Have extensive knowledge of the systems of the human body as well as mental health experience. Experience reading and unsderstanding medical charts as well as scientific literature. Excellent communication and writing skills My strenghts are my ability to locate and properly use resources, effectively communicate with others, read and translate medical and scientific literature, and plan and orrchestrate preparations for events such as open houses and health fairs View more

  • View Service Offered By Longell dave 2

    Longell dave 2

    Legal Nurse Consultant

    Stanfield, Oregon, United States

    • Legal Nurse Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Bitcoin Mining
    • Clinical Research
    • CPT Coding
    • Credit Card Transaction Processing
    • Criminal
    • Data Management
    • Database Development
    • Dentistry Consulting

    ethical hacker

    Contact me for Your general hacking services, All social media hacking, Should you suspect your partner of cheating? I can hack their social media accounts and you can have access to see who they''ve been cheating on you with.......  whatsapp , Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat, Telegram, onlyfans ETC.... Further More, I do Bitcoin Mining And Forex, I.E If you invest $500 Btc ,I can mine and multiply it to $20,000 And more, depending on your investment amount, I clean criminal records, Increase c... View more

  • View Service Offered By Zadid Graphics Solution

    Zadid Graphics Solution

    Legal Nurse Consultant

    Nazipur, Patnitala, Naogaon., Rajshahi, Bangladesh

    Past Earnings
    • Legal Nurse Consulting
    • Design
    • Flyer Design
    • Image Design
    • Nursing
    • Photo & Image Editing
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Image Advertising
    • Photo Adjustments

    Flyer design

    Hello Dear client, Please send me your logo, image and associated text along with the website link if you have to give you a beautiful flyer design. I will send me any file format like online or print as you need. Even I would send you the raw files as well so that you can edit in future as you need. Thank you, Zadid View more

  • View Service Offered By Alex Wrench

    Alex Wrench

    Legal Nurse Consultant

    Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

    • Legal Nurse Consulting
    • Academic Consulting
    • Creative
    • Customer Service
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • English Language
    • Law
    • Legal
    • Medical
    • Proofreading

    I'm Focussed, Experienced &Professional.

    I am a medical practitioner who has been writing professionally for 6 years as a freelancer. My fast-paced typing abilities, wide medical and legal vocabulary base have always given me an edge. proficient academic writer with 6+ years experience in research based writing. I’ve worked for customers in a variety of subjects and topic-areas including: Political Science; English Lit; English Composition; Theology; Business; Economics, Law and Medicine and many ESL customers. Thus I’m familiar with a... View more

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The medical world and the legal world often go hand in hand, primarily in issues related to medical malpractices. In cases where lawyers, prosecutors or jury members are not familiar with the world of medicine and need specific information, they hire a legal nurse consultant to gain insights and knowledge. The jargon used in the medical field can be very technical and domain specific in nature. These consultants often explain these terms in a layman’s language for a better understanding. They are experts in practical medicine, as well as have full information about the legal aspects of healthcare industry.

What Is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

They bridge the gap that exists between fields of medicine and law. Hence, it becomes necessary for the law professionals to have nurses to explain and decode the medical terminology for them during court cases. They help law professionals in cases ranging from medical fraud, to criminal cases, to insurance fraud cases, personal injury cases, compensation cases and more. Apart from these responsibilities, ensure that your freelancer can also:

  • Attend medical reviews.

  • Budgeting for a care and long-term medical requirements as requested by the plaintiff.

  • Draft legal documents.

  • Help lawyers to gather and study evidence in the form of medical records.

  • Advice lawyers about the case, if it has enough merit by reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

  • Interview the witness for medical court cases.

  • Act as an expert witness to explain medical jargon to judges and juries.

  • Conduct research to help the case.

  • Work with lawyers to plan the case and its course of action.

  • Examine medical records for signs of tampering or malpractice.

Qualifications of Legal Nurse Consultant

An ideal Legal Nurse Consultant must be a registered nurse. Apart from that, such consultants should have:

  • A graduate degree in medical and legal subject

  • A nursing license in their state and clinical experience

  • Legal experience, which is not a must, but definitely a plus

  • Ability to critically review information, such as medical records

  • Capability to pay close attention to minutest of the details

  • Higher and considerable medical knowledge

  • Ability to read extensively and conduct research to produce relevant case information

Benefits of Freelance Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are looking to hire a professional to give you the right advice about your legal case, it is always beneficial to hire a professional consultant from some of the best websites to hire freelancers, like Guru. They can guide you in the right direction and help you win more and more medical cases.

  • The legal nurse consultants have a thorough understanding of the anatomy, physiology, various treatments and diseases.

  • Their extensive clinical experience and knowledge of medical literature may sometimes become the turning point in a case, where a law professional may fall short, due to lack of relevant knowledge.

  • These consultants in turn have a network of medical and professional resources and contacts, which may be very beneficial to the lawyers, especially when they are seeking diverse opinions.

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